All about the Yarn

Hook & Co crochet is all about the yarn. Not just the material yarn that I use to make my creations, but also the stories each object tells. All of my pieces have a back story and each of the custom creations have meaning and sentimental value to the people who I make them for. They're living objects, meant to be used, designed to be cuddled, created with love. 

All my yarns are made with natural fibres, either wool or organic cotton. Occasionally I use acrylic, or cotton blends, depending on the wishes of the customer but my original designs are intended to be as environmentally friendly as possible, so they are biodegradable and don't leech synthetic microfibers into our waterways. I hand dye the yarn using natural dyes (even from plants that I'm growing myself!) so you know the materials that have gone into each creation are as local as possible, with the smallest environmental footprint. Plus, they feel great on your skin!

The Hook & Co Story

My Aunty Jill taught me how to crochet. She used to decorate face washers and hand towels and I have very fond memories of sitting with her as a child learning how to make the small domestic things we use every day beautiful. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer I made him a scarf and a beanie for him going into chemo. He would sit and receive his treatment and I would sit with him and crochet. It got me back into it and reminded me of the amount of love and bonding that goes into the creative process.


Last year when the bushfires were impacting the animals and koala habitats I wanted to do something to help, to contribute to the recovery of the animals so I started making koalas, it was what I could do to help. During that time I also started getting commissions, and when I realised that people love my koalas I realised that this was something that I could bring to other people and so my business was born. This is why my logo is a koala, to remind me that the only success in life comes from the support and love we are willing to share with others. I am so thrilled to be able to share this joy, and hope, and comfort with you and your loved ones through my crochet.

Hook&Co Custom Crochet.jpeg